Privacy Policy

Personal information gathered by DESIGN IT!, LLC. from your conference registration for the Design IT! Conference, will be handled with care and stored under strict supervision according to the following policy.

What is included under "Personal Information"?
- Personal information refers to information that can readily identify an individual. Examples include name, address, email address, phone number, and fax number.
- Personal information also includes other information that cannot readily identify individuals based on that information alone, but can easily identify individuals upon checking it against other information.
Management of Personal Information
- All personal information will be managed and stored by DESIGN IT!, LLC. and subcontractors that have signed a confidentiality agreement with DESIGN IT!, LLC.
- DESIGN IT!, LLC. may ask subcontractors to take over certain limited tasks such as responding to inquiries, mailing of mail, and processing of event registration. However, DESIGN IT!, LLC. only provides subcontractors only the minimal information required for the services to be provided.
- The confidentiality agreement signed by subcontractors strictly prohibits them from using obtained personal information for their own purposes.
Erasure of Registration Information
- If a registrant himself requests erasure of personal information, we will completely erase his personal information from our database.
- To change registration information regarding emails and for erasure procedures, please check our Website or contact DESIGN IT!, LLC. via email.
Disclosure to Third Parties
- DESIGN IT!, LLC. and our subcontractors that have signed a confidentiality agreement with DESIGN IT!, LLC. will not disclose personal information of registrants without the individual's consent.
- Personal information may be disclosed if required by law, or if it was determined that doing so is in the best interest to protect DESIGN IT!, LLC.'s rights, assets, and/or safety.
Provision of Information to Conference Registrants
- Registrants may receive event or service information sent by DESIGN IT!, LLC. or by subcontractors that signed a confidentiality agreement with DESIGN IT!, LLC.
- Registrants may receive information mail of products and services from sponsor companies which DESIGN IT!, LLC. will carry out on their behalf.
Statistical Information
- DESIGN IT!, LLC. may disclose aggregated survey data (which registrants filled out at the time of registration) in which individuals cannot be identified, as statistical information to sponsor companies, media, and other third parties.
- This website includes links to external websites. DESIGN IT!, LLC. is not responsible for the personal information protection of the linked websites.
- Please read the handling of personal information for each link.