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Conference Theme

This conference aims to explore the six themes of Design IT outlined below. We believe that these themes are essential to providing a framework for designing IT in the future.

Content Management

Content management considers "content" as a vital asset and seeks to maximize utilization of such content. Content management not only improves productivity, but can serve as an important tool in marketing support as well. Learn about CMS (content management systems) theory and methodology, and case studies of successful CMS.


To make dynamic human-computer interaction smoother and as a stimulating experience, we must seek a new field of design integrated with creativity and engineering.

Information Architecture

What are the different ways to achieve ideal information display by analyzing the purpose and usability of both information provider and information user? Come and get insight from experienced professionals on the theory and practice of information architecture.


To improve quality in use of your systems, it is essential to have a comprehensive design process that includes focusing on user behavior and prototyping-testing iteration.

Design Management

The notion of design is increasingly gaining significance in the world of corporate management. How should we "manage design" so that we can gain clients, meet their needs, and maintain a competitive edge in the market? Come and hear cutting-edge research findings and case studies in this field.


How can these themes be transferred into practice? Hear from companies and research institutes about their experiences.

DESIGN IT! Activities

DESIGN IT! Is our challenge to Designers and IT professionals. We feel that technology and good design can reach out, and touch people in new ways. It isn't just to create a different product, but a better product. As Information Technology as a whole becomes an enabling force, we believe it is possible to bring more people together through design. Our answer is here, in our work to build a better society by bringing better IT design to users.

The theme for the DESIGN IT! Conference 2009 is "Cloud and UserExperience"!

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DESIGN IT! Conference 2009 logo

We are proud to announce our upcoming DESIGN IT! Conference 2009 to be held on November 18 (Wednesday) in Tokyo, under the theme "User Experience in the Age of Cloud," where we feature new user experience that is made possible by Cloud's environment and services.

We will introduce new user experience utilizing the environmenht "Cloud" as well as methodology regarding UI design from the multiple perspectives of usability, interaction information architecture, design management and content management.

Conference Information

DESIGN IT! Forum 2009

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We are proud to present the DESIGN IT! Forum 2009, taking place this August 27th (Thu) and August 28th (Fri). You are invited to learn more about the theme of this year, "Evolving Corporate Information Structures: Content Management Strategies using DITA – XML - CMS Content Management".

*DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture);
An international standard on product manual and internal documentation production process.

We will be studying the newest and best practices from across the world, looking at innovations across the traditionally segregated elements of web design, enterprise CMS, XML experts, and document management. DITA based content management, information architecture, information management, and document analysis techniques form some of the perspectives we will be presenting. Not only will attendees have these new and evolving paths introduced, but will have a valuable social forum to meet and interact with these trailblazers. A wide variety of attendees will be present, allowing many people of different fields and positions to exchange their ideas and experiences. We hope you decide to join us and lend us your thoughts and insights!

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