Messages from "DESIGN IT! Pre-Conference 2005" Speakers

Marc Rettig

Principal, Fit Associates

Greetings to everyone at the DesignIT conference from everyone at Fit Associates in the U.S. I wish I could be there with you, but I must congratulate you from this long distance. I congratulate you because you are at a gathering where a very interesting and important problem -- content management -- is being discussed from the point of view of design and user experience. I am sure this will result in new friendships, new collaborations, and new insights. But I am especially excited for your end users, because you are all there talking about how to make life better for them. So congratulations to you. Congratulations also to Shinohara-san, and to the wonderful staff of Sociomedia for creating this great event.

Louis Rosenfeld

Co-Author, "Information Architecture for the World Wide Web" / Principal, Louis Rosenfeld LLC

To my colleagues attending the DESIGN IT! conference in Tokyo: welcome! I wish I could join you, Peter, Bob, and Shino in Tokyo for this important event. More and more people in the business world are taking design seriously, and understanding that design principles are critical tools for solving complex business problems. The DESIGN IT! conference program itself is designed in an intelligent way, featuring six critical themes at the foundation of design: design management, content management, information architecture, interaction design, accessibility, and strategy. Such a multi-themed program is quite ambitious, but today's design professionals must be knowledgeable about each of these themes. That's why I know you'll benefit greatly from the next two days, and I wish I could be there to learn with you.

Rebecca Blood

Author, "The Web Log Handbook"

Last year's DESIGN IT! Pre-conference was extraordinary: thoughtful, eclectic, and very relevant. I know DESIGN IT! Conference 2006 Spring is going to carry that tradition forward. You won't find the usual thinking at this conference. Instead, you'll find a roster of smart speakers who are making connections, identifying trends, and thinking about old problems in new ways. It's going to be extraordinary. I wish I could join you.

Jesse James Garrett

Adaptive Path

I am very pleased and honored to offer my most sincere greetings to the participants in the DESIGN IT! Conference 2006 Spring. I found the experience of sharing perspectives with DESIGN IT! attendees very stimulating and enlightening. The ongoing success of the conference is a testament to Shinohara-san's unique vision for our industry. I look forward to hearing about the exciting ideas coming from this year's conference.

Tony Byrne

CMS Watch

It was a delight and an honor to attend the inaugural DESIGN IT! in 2005. I was impressed by the breadth of the Japanese CMS industry. Discussions with technology buyers confirmed that CMS projects in Japan face many of the same challenges found around the world, such as difficulties migrating content, challenges attaining full user adoption, and difficulties integrating diverse technologies. That is why conferences like this one -- where peers can share experience and knowledge -- are so critically important. You are very fortunate to have the participation of Bob Doyle; I hope you will consider joining CM Pros. Best wishes for the conference! I look forward very much to hearing about the results.

Mike Paciello

The Paciello Group & Web Accessibility Toolbar Consortium

Konichiwa! Welcome and congratulations for attending Design IT! Spring 2006. User interface design, information architecture and usability are the foundation stones for ensuring optimal user experience. In 2005 we discovered the critical role that Content Management plays in the design lifecycle of large scale web implementations. In 2006, we hope to increase your knowledge about the inner workings of content management systems and how they can be tuned to increase web productivity, performance and information accessibility.

It is my privilege and honor to welcome you to Design IT 2006. As I concluded my presentation last year, I asked those in the audience to embrace the "Think Accessibility" mindset. It is my special request that you also embrace accessibility and look for innovative ways to enhance user experience for people with disabilities within the realm of content management.

Edward C. Barrett

Professor, MIT Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies

The DESIGN IT! conference has become a key resource for IT professionals worldwide, including designers, usability experts, managers, writers, academic researchers and industry leaders. As keynote speaker last year, I enjoyed many theoretical and practical discussions of IT issues in a relaxed yet stimulating atmosphere. The scope of this conference is wide, and its individual sessions, led by recognized IT experts, probe deeply into critical contemporary issues in the field. In addition, the warmth and generosity of conference directors and their highly efficient and expert staff give this important conference a remarkable collegial and humanistic dimension.


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