IWASHIMA, Hiroyuki

IWASHIMA, Hiroyuki
General Manager, Content System, Konica Minolta Information Systems, Co. Ltd.


Mr. Iwashima took part in strategic planning for business enterprises’ websites, founding production management structure, establishing web governance in the publicity department of a global company since the dawn of internet in 1995.

In 2001, he integrated dozens of Konica’s group web sites into one brand site. When Konica Co. and Minolta Co. merged into Konica Minolta Group, he laid groundwork for worldwide web branding expansion by integrating 108 sites from 37 countries into “one country, one site” as the project manager for website integration project. During that time, he also started aggregating each company’s web servers and CMS in order to enhance website management effectiveness, and actualized high usability by unifying website design for all the group companies around the world.

Currently, he is administrating web branding for large global enterprises, assisting website development and management, and structuralizing web governance based on his experience and accomplishments in Konica Minolta Group.

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