Conference 2006 Spring

DESIGN IT! Conference Spring 2006
Theme: CMS and Its Vast Potential for IT Design

We our pleased to announce our upcoming event, the DESIGN IT! Conference 2006 Spring, to be held under the theme "CMS and Its Vast Potential for IT Design." The event will be held over two-days from April 11-12, 2006 at the Akihabara Convention Hall in Tokyo, Japan. The main purpose of this conference is to explore the possibilities for integrating IT and design.

This year's conference theme is Content Management (CM), and the conference will be structured around two highly related frameworks of Information Architecture and Interaction. As the area of Content Management continues to grow, experiencing increasing market demands and maturing products and services, it must meet the demands for diverse skills in order to successfully operate products and services in various organizations. It is essential that we develop diverse capabilities in our professionals and to be aware of particular skills that need further development.

Amidst this backdrop, North American and European nations have already established a professional community where individuals involved in the Content Management business come together to actively exchange information, case studies, and know-how, further propelling market expansion. At this year's event, we invite two experts in the area of Content Management and Information Architecture, from the United States to share with us their knowledge, experience, and visions.

Peter Morville
Peter Morville co-authored the book Information Architecture for the World Wide Web (Japanese title: Web Information Architecture: A Theoretical Approach to the Ideal Site Construction, published by O'Reilly Japan), and has founded the Information Architecture Research Institute (Japan Division) as well as the Information Architecture professional community. Mr. Morville has also been a major force in founding the CMS expert community. His most recent book Ambient Findability (Oreilly & Associates Inc) released last October has received a great deal of attention as proposing new ways to think about online information searches. He will be traveling around Japan and the U.S. to speak about his book and his ideas.

Bob Doyle
Bob Doyle is the head of CMS Review which is a comprehensive CMS information site. Mr. Doyle also helped to found CM Professionals (CM Pros) a practitioner/expert community for content management (Peter Morville is involve in this community as well) which currently consists of 700 members and is the world's largest professional community of its kind. He is a contributing editor of EContent Magaizine.

Other sessions includes presentations on CMS market and product trends as well as case studies in various Asian countries including Japan, illuminating the state of CMS around the world today. Through the "Interaction" sessions, we hope to explore creative ways to achieve "ease of use in products and services" and "creation of new user experience" which are essential in establishing products and services in organizations.

Participants must pre-register in order to attend the sessions in the DESIGN IT! Conference. Note that some sessions require an admissions fee while others do not. Online pre-registration will begin March 10. We will continuously update program information and schedules on the Web. Please contact us if you are interesting in sponsoring or supporting this event as corporate or media sponsors. We look forward to hearing from you and for your support.

The DESIGN IT! Conference 2006 Spring will be held during the same time as the LiM Tec Conference (LiM Tec is short for Lifecycle Management Technology Conference), a comprehensive technology conference on software lifecycle environment technology. Our objective is to provide information, technology, and products on the theme "Integration of Design and IT" towards all industries, technological areas that comprise the IT lifecycle.

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